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Call off sick – there is no pointing in fighting a bad cold with a smile and will power to get up and go to work when your body is weak.. so I have finally given up after two weeks fighting the symptoms.

Call Of Sick


Stay in bed – this is so not me but if you’re sick, relax. Have a nice breakfast and go back to bed!

Stay In Bed


See a doctor – if I feel I need to see a doctor, I’ll just go! If the usual medicines are not working… time to pay a visit to the surgery.

Call Your Doctor If Needed


Take the medicine – and take the right dosage. Follow the course and don’t just stop because you start to feel better… well, I don’t like to take them but I do follow the rules!

Take Your Medicine


Eat Well – when your body is week, you will need food. I usually don’t have appetite but I try to eat. Soup is always a good choice. I always remenber my grandmother’s chicken soup when I am ill… which I used to dislike when infant but miss so much now!

Soup !


Movies – if I can handle the screen I love watching movies, usually the ones that I never go for it… i.e. romcoms! ahhh, all I need is love!

Don't Get Bored!


Phone my friends – yeah, that’s my guilty side… my social life is almost zero these days, saved by the social networking channels which help me to keep in touch because it’s there, on my phone, even if just a little bit… so being at home reminds me that I need my friends’ voice and comfort – so make time to catch up with them!!

Feel Loved By Your Friends!


Catch up with reading – try to avoid computers… only joking! but it’s nice to get a new book and read a good story… or actually read the pile of magazines accumulated in the corner.

Read A Book


Hot chocolate – no need to explain why !!

Instant Feel Good In A Cup


Sleep – disconnect from work, problems or anything really. Just relax and rest. Take the opportunity to sleep and don’t try to be a hero. Stay in bed.

Sleep, Rest and Get Well!

And please let me know yours top 10!!! What are they?