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I don’t cycle to work but I have considered doing it so many times… I don’t need to duel on the positives of cycling but there are a few negatives stopping me to embrace this idea – unreliable weather, time (I am always running against it!) and shoes… so I will leave this idea in ‘draft’ to consider again sometime in the future.

The good news, cyclist gentlemen, is that Quoc Pham, a fashion designer with a passion for sport and fashion merged both and created the perfect shoes for cycling to work or to any social occasion without wearing those ugly cycling shoes.

Quoc Pham, which is also the label name, created the Fixed and the Tourer. Both shoes are made using traditional techniques, with craftsman sculpting by hand to ensure they stay true to the contour of the foot. The signature reflective strip on the heel of each shoe provides safety and style, whilst the Lock, Lace & Knot lacing technique encourages a reassured fit from heel to toe.

What do you think? I love them, shame they don’t come in my size!