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This is Sick!

A graphic designer from Newcastle, Lydia Leith, created a quite anti-monarchist souvenir for those less enthusiastic about the forthcoming Royal Wedding in Britain.

She designed a limited edition sick bag, in red and blue available to purchase on her site for £3. It’s similar to those used on airlines and decorated with a crown featuring a drawing of the royal couple on the front and the slogan “Throne Up” – Sick Bag – Keep this handy on April 29th 2011.

Honestly, fan or not of the royal wedding, I think this is a big waste of your precious money! I can’t see this turning into a rare and valuable memorabilia in the future… it’s too easy to replicate! but I may be wrong… they’re numbered.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a bit of fun, this is certainly the best option to date! and you better rush, little bird twitted me saying the blue bags have already sold out!!