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Well Well, I had years and years of freedom from spectacles after undertaking a myopic correction surgery in the early nineties but now because of my constant use of computers and, ur… age! I have been prescribed some.

Having to wear some since early age, not by choice but necessity, I developed a natural aversion for those things I had to “hang” on my face plus I didn’t want to be called ‘four eyes’ at school.

I remember the pleasure I felt when my parents finally allowed me to wear contacts. Hurray, it’s freedom!, I thought – mmm not really… I also remember getting home after long nights and having to remove them before going to bed. Many years later the corrective surgery was like magic, the method used was a delicate diamond-tipped blade, a microscope, and microscopic instruments to make several spoke-like “radial” incisions in the non-viewing (peripheral) portion of the cornea. Ouch! Laser was still being “tested” and I needed the surgery to be performed there and then. It was successful as I regained 20/20 vision which was equal to no more glasses, no more contacts.

But now I am back to the drawing board… however, this could not have happened at a better time, when prescription glasses are in vogue and it is cool to be a geek! I took four good months searching for the best frames and I am glad that I was patient and waited this long as the SS11 collections are to die for!

The idea is to go bold, thick frames, oversized, intelligent, retro chic and to not to be afraid of colours, choose white, blue, red frames but if you are not a big fun of colours the classic black or havanna are the best choices.

From Cat Eyes to Lennon look, the designers have opted to go back in time.

Theses are some of my favourite collections:  Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Giorgio Armani, Carrera, Persol, Prada, Gucci, Chanel.

My choice? Tom Ford Cat Eyes, in Black.

Get inspired!