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I was recently ‘informed’ of the existence of Ping…. geekness  a part, I was not aware. I haven’t been really interested in iTunes for a long long time.  However as part of my “Independence-shout” I am now using it… still in my iTunes infancy though!

Yesterday I logged into my iTunes 10 and looked for this Ping-thing, found it, completed the profile, added a photo, so what’s next?

You can only select three music genres – really? Only three? Why? You can see 21 options! The privacy settings are quite easy to choose, cool. Now, this is important,  there is also space for ten albums displayed by albums cover… you can select it manually or Ping makes the ‘selection’ for you…  I chose the Ping option and it is proven to be a bit embarrassing… as I am a newbie in this world of iTunes I only downloaded one album to date, and have to point out that it was a mistake as I just wanted a ringtone! Don’t ask me what I did, it was many months ago – the album ‘Batman Soundtrack’ – lol. But one thing is certain, I will be changing it to ‘manual’ very soon! Basically, Ping decides what to show, so if you have a big variety of albums… imagine the danger! And unless you are confident of all your music choices you want to portrai to the world, do it yourself!

The idea hasn’t been adopted in mass yet and still early days.  You can see big names of artists and bands but alternatives and small labels are not available – yet!  This could be also another great way to share music through a profile but you can only listen 10 seconds of music! Not so good.

Also, I do not have any friends using it to follow or interact… again, all about adoption. I think it will be interesting in the future – shame about the fall out between Facebook and Apple on the subject of the integration… maybe one day.

I’ll keep my eyes open to this one!