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Bourgie, the creation of Ferruccio Laviani in 2005 for Kartell is a classic baroque-style table lamp. However this lamp can change the whole lighting perspective in a room and will create a unique ambiance with the reflections of the light when it is on.

The Bourgie table lamp is fast becoming an icon of 21st century glam . On the one hand, it is classical, rich and traditional, and on the other, it is innovative, transparent and ironic. This is the right mix between traditional and modern, classic design and plastic.

Kartell was created in 1949 and boasts 60 years of history. Colours irony, a feast for the senses, transparency effects and unique shapes for unique items. Their products are immediately recognized worldwide for the excitement they create, their durable functionality and undisputed quality.

There is the ceiling version too. Brilliance.

I have the off white with gold inside as a bed side lamp in my bedroom from Arredo.co.uk and as I said, the room is transformed when it’s on! It’s so elegant, the gold light invades the white space and there is this warmth and lush around… you may think it is an over enthusiastic description but you have to see to understand.