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“You’re still searching for me in every woman.” Maria Helena

I cannot call myself a true Wood Allen’s fan but his latest output, Vicky Cristina is special, charming, light, where you can meet romance and drama.

You will see beautiful locations, an undecided look at human relationships and a mix of great performances, especially from Cruz.

Vicky, Cristina, Juan and Maria are a bunch of interesting characters interacting in a complex tangle of interesting relationships.

The plot is simple: adventurous Cristina and conventional Vicky decides to go on holiday to Barcelona… there they explore the mysteries of the heart. Two children of privilege, friends alike except in how they see love. They meet Juan Antonio, an artist and free spirited. His romantic allure captivates Cristina and his unconventional approach to love challenges Vicky.  I will not say much more, you should watch it.  It’s pleasant, smart, sunny, frisky and funny!