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“Let’s face it, nobody wants to snog anyone with a mouth more cracked than a Sahara riverbed.”

Well, what else can I add to that? As the weather or the environment changes, lips could be affected. They can chap, dry or crack. The moisture may evaporate from the surface, drying out your lips causing peeling and often bleeding.

Ageing is another issue for us. So, we have to take good care as this part of our face often forgotten in our beauty regime. Moistorising, Exfoliating and a good lipstick will help to keep your lips in ‘shape’.

These are few tips that I took from another site, please pay attention to the below:

Licking dry lips actually dries them out even more. It’s better to get yourself a lipbalm. Many balms contain cocoa butter, which some people are allergic to – so if your lips are still scaly after patient use of balm, try a brand that doesn’t contain it. Regularly applying a lip balm is the best way to keep your mush looking magnificent, but if it’s already become a problem here’s one way to fix it:

  • Rest a wet, warm flannel over your lips to soften up the skin.
  • Remove after 30 seconds, and apply a layer of petroleum jelly (the good old Vaseline!) onto your lips. Leave to sink in for three to four minutes.
  • Using your warm flannel once more, gently rub away the excess petroleum jelly. This will also serve to peel away any loose skin.
  • Finish with an application of lip balm, and check out the results.
  • Congratulations. You may have started with lips like a polar explorer, but now you can pucker up with passion and panache.

Dry, swollen, or cracked lips can also be caused by allergies, infections, drugs, and a number of medical problems. If simple methods to help the situation have failed, your GP should be able to sort it out.

Another option is to exfoliate, I recommend to use The Body Shop Lipsscuf, it’s only £8 and will leave your lips smooth and beautiful. I have one and use it at least once a week.

Lipscuff from The Body Shop

How To Show Case A Perfect Lips by Make-UP Artist Alex Box:

  1. Use lip liner a tone darker than your natural colour, or the same shade as your lipstick, to define lips. Always colour from the outside in.
  2. For a fuller appearance don’t draw liner outside your entire lip, just widen the middle of your top and bottom lips.
  3. Feathering or smudging occurs when lips are too dry, so it’s important to moisturise first. Then dab concealer on the lip followed by a fine loose powder, so the lipstick goes on smoothly and lasts longer.
  4. A/W’10 is all about dark, regal tones – navy and ruby red perfectly applied can look so elegant.

Hanna Marshall A/W'10 look - navy lips

So, take good care of your lips and enjoy a perfect pout!